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About Roku Models And Roku Features

The Roku Streaming Device made a number of updated features to make the user experience more enjoyable. The updated latest Roku software is the same for every latest Roku models. Below are listed the best Roku features and tips:

Roku Ultra:

Roku Ultra has the most powerful processor as compared to any other Roku models. This model comes with the Advanced Roku remote, Private Listening Headphones, Batteries, USB Cable and Power Adapter. This model also features a wide range of functionality which is described below:-

  • The device provides the USB port to display videos from an external hard drive. It supports FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS Drive Formats.
  • Specialized Gaming buttons, you just need to Turn On the Remote Sideways.

Roku Premiere And Premiere Plus:

Roku Premier Devices comes with Roku Remote, Adapter, Batteries, But It Does Not Include HDMI Cable To Connect Them With TV. Its additional Features Are:

  • Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus both are Supportive to 802.11ac MIMO Dual-Band Wireless.
  • The devices are Specialized with IR Receiver for Universal Remotes.
  • Night Listening Mode.
  • Dolby Audio Pass-Through By HDMI.
  • Supportive To 720p, 1080pm 4K UHD Video At 60 Frames Per Second.
  • Additional Features In Roku Premiere Plus
  • 10/100 Base –T Ethernet Supportive.
  • MicroSD Card For More Channel Storage.
  • Supportive To New HDR Picture Quality Standard.
  • Advanced Point And More Functionality.

Roku Express And Express Plus:

The only difference between Roku Express and Roku Express+ is, Express+ comes with an additional composite A/V cables which are used for the older TV. However, the other function will be same like Removal Adhesive Strip, Power Adapter, Micro USB cable, Standard IR Remote with channel shortcut buttons and high-speed HDMI cable. The Roku Express Is Wi-Fi, WPA And WPA2 (Wireless Security) Supportive As Well As B/G/N Compatible.

Roku Streaming Stick:

Roku streaming stick is small in size but it features and performs big. The device is one of the prominent model used by millions of people. To use the device you need Wi-Fi network connection because there is no exceptional ports.

Best & Common Features In All Roku.Com/Link Account

About Roku And Its Features

Roku Channels: Once you have added the channels either free or paid and you want to add more channels. You can add more channels by visiting your account. Search and add you add your channels by typing or using the voice search.

Roku OS Features: Roku OS Features are available on every Roku model but Some Roku Features are only available on some models. It Is Specialize In Cross-Platform Search, Voice Search, And Many Other Software Features.

Cross-Platform Search: Cross-Platform Search is when a user searches for a specific show via title or an actor name, It searches through the most number of Apps and let you see at which App the show you want to watch is available. It also lets you know whether the channel is free, rent or paid.

Roku Voice Search: It allows the people to search for Tv shows and movies via Voice Search. It is also called as a Top-Notch functionality of Roku Streaming Device.